Thursday, April 26, 2007


In a previous post I introduced you to one of the many hats I wear from time to time. That got me thinking and wondering... just how many hats are in my closet anyway?

Domestic Engineer
Chef/Short order cook
Cleaning lady/supervisor
Slave driver
Lawn Lady
Farmer Joe (Jessica's nickname for me when I'm wearing my wonderful holey overalls and straw hat)
Bicycle mechanic
Emergency Preparedness Facilitator
CFO - this means that I spend all the money
Computer SysOp
Cat Doctor
Keeper of all knowledge
Finder of lost things

What hats do you wear?


  1. I wear most of the same hats you do. No more cat doctoring for me, although my crazy cat lady hat still sits on the top shelf. I would add
    Camp director
    Activities committee
    choir treasurer
    choir singer
    book club member
    soccer team faciliator (aka athletic supporter for the coach) which includes facilitating t-shirt silk screening
    play group host every monday morning from 10-12
    institute student
    family history dabbler
    Shesh! this is making me really tired, especially this week when I feel like all the walls are closing in around me. Just today I took Diana to the orthodontist, and myself to the dentist. Jared was suppose to go to the doctor, but we canceled that appointment, thank goodness. My question is where do you find a coat rack big enough for all these hats, because I think part of my problem is they are all laying around on the floor and sometimes things get overlooked.

  2. Well, my dear. I had a few things that came to my mind that I know you do....
    Kissser of all owies
    HR Director - you manage the insurances, benefits, coordinate salaries (allowances), etc.
    Facilities Director - all household repairs and management probably fall under your hat
    Summer School Teacher and Administrator for our "struggling" students that need summer school this year :)

    I won't bother to go into my list. I am like Pat. It makes me too tired. :) I think Pat and I should meet some day. She seems very nice and I love to read her comments! :)

  3. hey there...just read entire blog... i got a little behind. you make me laugh and i love you for it. until i read the comments i thought to myself that it reminded me of pats old emails and then to my continued laughter she is commenting and now i get both of you to keep me smiling. but i want some more pics cause i know you have some characters over there :) jessica

  4. Jen it would be nice to meet you also. If you enjoy my posts, check out my blog, you can see it when you click on my profile from Lisa's comments.

  5. You must include friend, political commentator, stand up comedian, and on call counselor for the crazed.