Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stream of Consciousness Sunday

No editing for content or paragraph structure -- just thoughts as they spill forth from my brain before the weekend is over. I'll warn you in advance, it's boring.

So - we went to the BYU-UTAH game saturday afternoon. All six of us. We decided early in the season that this was the year we would all go together to the Holy War. So we sold our season tickets online and bought six seats together, which ended up being in the top row of the east stands, around the 30 yard line. I'd rather be high up than down low in the endzone, so I was happy. We got there early enough to watch the BYU marching band drumline do their little pre-game show. Each of the kids picked a favorite treat to munch on -- cotton candy for nathan and megan, and cougar tails (an 18-inch long maple bar; at least 1000 calories I'm guessing) for susan and karianne. Nathan and megan later went and spent their own money on cougar tails.

I don't need to tell the story of how BYU and UTah were locked in a defensive struggle and how it went into overtime, and how Max Hall threaded the needle between two Utah defenders to complete a pass to Andrew George who ran 15 yards for the winning touchdown! It was pretty exciting. If we hadn't been on the very top row, we might have rushed the field with the other deliriously happy fans. Instead we just took pictures. If i can get mobile blogging to work I'll put them on here. If not, just use your imagination.

Oh look! I figured it out! Whee - I deserve a sticker I think.

Enough about that. I'm boring even myself.

So this weekend I took a break from my diet. And promptly gained 4 pounds of water weight. I've eaten lots of stuffing and pie and wicked little chocolate dipped mints (thanks a lot Susan! :shakes fist:). I feel sluggish and my eyes sting. Now that the weekend is over, I am trying to screw up my resolve to avoid sugar and refined carbs and hopefully the water will come back off and my energy will bounce back. A friend who is also doing the same diet has offered me some resources for recipes so that's kind of exciting. Thanks heather! :)

Susan starts driver's ed tomorrow morning at SIX A.M. And I am on carpool duty this week. Whee! So the plan is to drop her off and then hit the gym for an hour before returning home to roust other sleepy children from bed.

It promises to be a busy day. I'm meeting with a cabinet maker to look at his drawings and bid for kitchen cabinets and window seats. I've got to get to the store to restock on all the things we've run out of over the holiday weekend. And susan gets her braces off after school! We are all very excited for her. She has requested a celebration dinner including steak, crash hot potatoes, fresh pineapple, and limonada.

The construction guys should be back in the morning, and hopefully the electrician and HVAC guys will finish their work so the city inspector can come and sign off on the progress so far. Then the insulation and sheet-rocking will commence, hopefully by the end of the week. After the new room is insulated, then the kitchen wall comes out, and things start to get really messy. I'll lose two upper cabinets and maybe more, so we'll probably switch to paper dishes at that point.

There's always more, but I'm tired and I'm sure you're bored. Have a great week everyone.


  1. whoa... I'm tired now... I am pretty sure I couldn't cope with the braces and the kitchen remodel at the same time... the day my son got his off he wanted to cook everything that had been taboo for so long :)

  2. I am not even the least bit bored. Thank you so much for the pictures and letting me live vicariously through you.

    We were actually taking family pictures during the first half of the game. Oh the torture. Trying to get almost 50 people to cooperate was not easy or fun or quiet. But hey it happened and everyone was at least in the frame.

    I was of course keeping up on the game via the internet on my phone. But it would only tell me the very basics. After family pictures we went over to Uncle Neal's and watched the second half.

    I did TiVo it and so I watched the first half yesterday when I got home. I am glad to have been able to see it. But dang overtime, my recording stopped right after they had their turn with the ball.

    Oh well at least I saw it. I did however miss all the drama about some comments that were made until I returned to the land of the internet and could read up on it all. Sheesh.

    Best wishes with all the construction zone. And I feel you pain about the drivers ed thing. Although for me it is Diana who is attending a special tutoring session which starts at 7:30 am every morning. Yikes she is usually not even awake at that time.

    Thanks for letting me post in your comment box. Perhaps I should copy and paste this into my blog.

  3. Never boring, especially when I can see pictures of my beautiful and talated grand kids.

  4. YAWN!!!

    Don't hit me, I'm just j/king.

    My daughter is starting drivers ed next semester. AAAAHHH! And she doesn't let me straighten her hair in the morning anymore, btw. That's how far I've come.

    We may be in the same boat with the whole remodel thing next year so I'm anxious to read all about it.

    What made you decide to start blogging again?

    It's so fun to read you again. Love your writing.

    When I first read your title i thought it said SCREAM of conscious Sunday. I think I'm going to use that sometime. Thanks. Your family looks deliriously happy too! That was a crazy game. I can't believe Pat was taking photos during the first half. What kind of stalker are you, Pat, anyway?

  5. The kind with dang family priorities/commitments. What the what? I could have been like the one brother who was MIA for no good reason.

  6. Have you checked Home Depot for cabinets? Sometimes they have sales. We got AWESOME cabinets and cheaper than bidding out to a cabinet shop. We were at THE game too. We lost one of our boys to storming the field. He's so rebellious. I need to be more like him!

  7. Go Go Cougs! What a great year! I lub this team!

    Good luck with the construction! I hope your recital went well.

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