Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The short story

Of course I have a million things to tell y'all, but there is never enough time, so I'll just settle for bullet points for now.

1. The "real" camera is no more -- it got dropped in the river, and after several weeks of lying in pieces drying, all attempts at recessitation have been abandoned. (yes, I know I misspelled resussetate, but I don't care enough to look it up. Feel free to correct me in comments.)

2. Becauase there is no real camera with a cute little memory card I can easily pop into my computer, all photos are now being taken on my nifty Samsung Behold phone. I love this phone, but the camera on it is a pain to use, since it takes literally 3 seconds to take a picture after I press the button, but it's better than nothing. The problem is getting photos off my phone onto the computer, and then taking the time to upload them onto blogger. Hence, the experimentation with blogging (aka blowing) by phone. My first attempt at sending photos failed, and I haven't yet had time to figure out why.

3. What's going on in my life? Many many things, but there's no time to list them all. The main ones are: First, my house is being torn apart, and all that that implies. We are now handwashing dishes, and it appears that I am about to lose the use of my sink, which will send us to paper products. Within weeks we'll be kitchenless entirely. It's a little stressful. Second, the dance recital is rapidly approaching, and geniuses that we are, my adult clogging class decided to sew our own blue sequinned (sp?) dresses for costumes. We saved a bundle of money by doing it ourselves versus buying shiny blue dresses from a costume shop, but I fear the cost of therapy to recover from the insanity of sewing five dresses may wipe out that savings. Lately, sewing has been taking up every spare minute that I'm not cooking, shopping, laundering, ironing... you get the point.

4. With so much material, why am I not blogging? See 1 and 2 above. But the main reason is that I am just plain lazy. There are always things I think of blogging about, but perfectionist that I am, I want every post to be perfect and witty and amazing, and I just don't have the energy or desire to make that happen. I finally decided that if I'm going to blog right now, there will just have to be misspellings and possibly even (gasp!) bad grammar and run on sentences. Any wit will be pure accident, through no fault of my own. My new motto, "Give us the facts, Ma'am, just the facts."

4. When I am not sewing, cleaning, cooking, sewing, laundering, ironing, sewing, shopping, or running kids to physical therapy or wherever else they need to go, I am researching and trying to make decisions about furnishings and flooring, cabinets and countertops and carpeting, fixtures and fireplaces, paint and plumbing, windows and appliances, and all the other decisions that go with remodeling. It's overwhelming. Again, my perfectionisitc tendencies slow me down. With a project of this scope and expense, I am paralyzed with fear that I'll make a mistake and HATE what I've chosen, and just have to live with my incompetence. I'm not really confident in my own sense of taste, and so afraid to make a mistake that I procrastinate making decisions until I am forced to. All of this equals stress. My husband and my bff are indispensible to the process. When I want to quit and torch the house, my dear sweet man talks me down from the edge. He installs speaker wire for the surround sound system he designed, unclogs the troublesome toilet that keeps threatening to flood (it is now taped shut and will need to be replaced, pronto!) and cuts into sheetrock to find the leak in the kitchen sink drain that is causing mold to grow on the basement wall. My bff kicks my fanny into gear and provides another perspective for decisions that I am terrified of making. Together they keep me sane. Without them I'd be a quivering mass of nerves.

5. Being super busy does have it's upside. After halloween I started a very strict diet (I really hate saying that four letter word), and having been so busy, I don't really miss food too much. I've had some pretty good success so far but I've still got a long way to go. Wish me luck over the next month of holidays. And please, if you love me, don't bring goodies to my house! :D

Ok - time's up. Gotta roust kids and read scriptures and make lunches and kick them all out the door. Then it's a shower and yep, you guessed it, MORE SEWING! Wheeeeee!


  1. The best theropy is LOVE. I love you! And then you did not mention your theropy cat. Hee Hee

    Your Dad

  2. The thought of all those decisions makes me want to curl up in a corner in the fetal postition sucking my thumb.

    I am glad you are back, proper grammer or not. I have missed hearing about things.

    So glad you have a husband and bff. You are a very lucky person.

    best wishes. I have heard of people doing dishes in the bath tub. I suppose that whole saying that things have to get worse before they get better is true.

  3. I could misspell resuscitate for you if you'd like (actually, I might have just spelled it correctly... hmmm... don't even know...)

    deep breaths, "fluff your aura", and keep in mind that there's a light at the end of the tunnel (and we hope it isn't an oncoming train) - that thought is the only thing getting me through my current stressy new job...

    I'm sewing tomorrow for the first time in quite awhile - not sure I can handle it, but the holidays are coming whether we like it or not aren't they?

  4. Hooray! Just when I almost gave up - you post something! and not just ONE, but THREE - there IS something to be thankful for this morning!!

    I hope that being "the perfectionist that you are"... doesn't mean you are critical of those of us who can't spell, like run on sentences, use a lot of comma's, let her sister sew her dress for her because she doesn't have the time/energy/where-with-all to do it herself, likes sabotaging other peoples diets, (I'll try to remember to NOT bring you a cheese ball this year) and can't remember 3 continuous steps in the opener (one at a time, I can do them - slowly, ever so slowly) and I seriously may have a full on panic attack at the next practice! Wait, where was I??

    Hang in there - You are awesome!

  5. I'm with Nutty. Curling up in a ball. You poor thing. I' feel ya. I definitely feel ya.

    I love the motto of just the facts. Better to get it out there as a record of your life. That's a hard wall to hurdle. I'm proud of you.

  6. You snuck back when I had given up on you blogging again. Welcome Welcome!!

    I love your living room so much that I am sure that your addition will rock!!