Monday, January 12, 2009

I've fallen and I can't get up!

So a few people are giving me grief about my lack of blogging lately. Well, actually they just asked why I haven't been posting. And mention that they check my blog every day. And that they've been disappointed every day for weeks. Does that count as giving me grief? Yeah, I thought so too.

Anyway. I agree that my blog has been pretty lame lately. The really sad thing is that not only is my blog pathetic, I am apathetic.

Get it? I love word play. Ahem.

The thing is that I just don't feel like writing anymore. Stuff happens, and I think of posting. Sometimes I even start to write a post. And then I stop. The writing doesn't flow like it used to. The process of *composting sentences, proofreading, and editing is more work than I want to do. I'm just not feeling the blove anymore.

Oh - here's something funny: Just yesterday The Motherboard posted a comment informing me that she moved my blog to the "Funny Ladies" category on Mormon Mommy Blogs.

If you know me, you know that I love irony. So I just couldn't resist a wry smile at the fact that just when I achieve "Funny Lady" status, I'm not funny anymore.

It's funny, right?

*Yes, Crazy Lady, I put that in there just for you.


  1. I take issure with your label evidence of your imcompetence. I am sure that falls into some cognitive distortion. Amidey, which one is it.

    I have felt this way for most of the fall. So I totally get it.

    You should not have to blog unless you want to.

    Just know that when you are ready to come back, we will all be waiting for you.

    And I also beg to differ, you are still funny, it is just burried under the snow perhaps.

    I wish there was something I could do to help.

  2. Oh and hey was that funny, I felt that way for most of the fall. I meant the season, not my fall into the pit of bottomless despair.

    Maybe we can have a party down here at the bottom. An apathetic party of course. How great would that be, no stress because we don't care. he he he

  3. I am tryin to get back in the swing of things myself...

  4. I thought you were out of town - didn't see you yesterday! You ARE funny - even when you are trying not to be!
    And this stinkin' snow is enough to bring ANYONE down!! I'll bring you a treat sometime... something warm, sweet and delicious! That makes a girl happy! (And ready to blog again!)

  5. OMGOSH!!! OMGOSH!! OMGOSH! So nice I had to say it thrice.

    A POST! A POST! Wahoo!

    But I wanted to be first in line!

    Sticks tongue out at NHC, Georgie and Sheral Wilson.

    Oh, and that is the ultimate irony. PRESSURE TOO!

    Welcome back!


  6. Hey, I forgot to say CONGRATS on your ultimate irony.

    Let's try to sit by each other.

  7. I thought your usage of the non-word "blove" was hysterical--only--are you charging for outside usage the way Crash is for the non-words "helk" and "bloggonit!"? If so, I think I might just have to cut down on my posting, too . . .

  8. Hey everybody!

    You know, I toyed with the idea of closing comments on this post, because people are so gosh durn sympathetic and then I feel like I'm throwing a pity party. I don't want this to be a pity party!

    Pat - I agree that blogging shouldn't be a guilt inducing affair, which is why I haven't felt at all guilty for not posting for three weeks. I love the idea of an apathetic party!! Too bad I don't care enough to organize it. :D

    Oh, and the label of incompetence... that's supposed to be funny too. ;-)

    Georgie - I'm hearing that from a lot of people. Why are so many of us down at once? That totally ruins the pity party paradigm, you know.

    Sheral - I'm trying to lose weight here, so please DON'T bring me something warm, sweet, and delicious! If you love me you won't tempt me beyond my ability to resist. You can, however, call or visit anytime you'd like! But only if you want to, cuz I don't do pity, remember?

    Ah Crash, you are such a cheerleader. You are a much better BBFF than I am. Now I feel guilty. (Just kidding!)

    Heidi - I think I Mary used "blove" first, back when she was still with us. I miss her. :(

    Hi dad. Love you too! I hope you have a great trip.

    Hey everyone, the Old Boat Guy is in Nevada so this would be an excellent time to TP his house!!! (but you didn't hear it from me!)

  9. you can still be kind of funny since I enjoyed the "composting" right?

    we'll just blove you as you are... with your life something HiLarIous is bound to happen soon enough that you'll really want to share :)

  10. It is fun to see you back. I blove the laughs!! I didn't mean to pressure you. From now on I won't menton your blog, and just try to get a life of my own.

  11. Yay! I love it when you compost sentences. And you are still hilarious it just means only I get to see it instead of all your internet buddies. Yup. I feel special. The truth of the matter is, Lisa got a Wii for Christmas and all she does is play that instead of blogging. Ya, I kick her fanny at Rayman! I can plunge a toilet way faster than her but she always wins the burping contest. Darn it!

    I can't decide if both our mental health is improving or if we just laugh at ourselves so much we don't care any more.

    Ah well.

    Dude, it's late. Going to bed. This comment was so long I should have used it as a post on my blog. Heaven knows I could use a new one. Oh wait! I just posted. Never mind.

  12. Sorry if I was too sympathetic and missed the humor of your label. Now that you say it that way, it is pretty funny. Thanks for clearing that up.

  13. T - You're sweet. Thanks for bloving me. I'll try not to bloviate too much, k? hee hee

    Kris - You didn't pressure me! I appreciated that you cared enough to ask. And I heartily endorse living other people's lives... it's so much more fun than having my own.

    Amidey - Shhhhhhh! Now my husband will know why he has no clean garments! (I've been telling him that I'm out doing good all day and that's why I'm behind on laundry.) Thanks SO MUCH for blowing my Christlike cover. Sheesh. Some friend you are.

    Pat - This is why I hesitate to post when I'm grouchy... my humor is subtle enough that people think I'm serious. And everyone knows that if you have to explain a joke, it wasn't a good one. I guess I'll have to try harder next time.

    Thanks guys for your kind words. You are awesome friends! (Except that Amidey person, of course.)

  14. Okay, no treats... just hugs!!!
    Do you have Rayman TV? That's the one we just got... I don't get it. I think you have to TRY to lose - to win? Whatever! I still like shooting those zombie chickens!!

  15. And here I was, just grateful that I wasn't missing something on YOUR blog too... Energy levels were in a major dip and I hadn't noticed your absence... some friend I was...

    Promise I will do better next time... or not... [winkyz]

  16. Back away with the TP. My watch cat is prowling on the roof, and is re-trained to attack from above!

    I probably won't have WiFi access for a week. Reno as 55 degrees when I got here. SoLong.

  17. Being funny can be very stressful. It's a dog eat dog world out there,(or in your case, cat) and people just don't have the patience for not funny. I know exactly how you feel!

  18. They have a neck gear that you can wear so if you do fall, you push a button, it calls a rent-a-cop or something like that, and they call your house to see if you are ok.

    When they call and you can't answer your phone because you have fallen and you can't get up...(DUH!!!) maybe we will hear your phone ringing and know to run to your comment box for an incompetence party! We could all forget something, or forget each other's names, or run in here with scissors or something! That way you won't feel so bad!

  19. I have totally been feeling that way lately. I've been blog stumped for too long now.
    Maybe I gave it to you on accident. Whoops.

  20. Write something you're passionate about... that composting thing sounded good.

  21. Are you still down there? Do you need a hand?

  22. Hey, did you break a hip or something? Should I call 911?

  23. Just post when you want to. I think it's very funny you're under the Mormon lady category. Ugh, Congrats!