Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Cat Video

WARNING: Before watching this video I highly recommend that you visit the bathroom. You can empty your bladder now, or later. It's your choice.


  1. I love the cat that caught the fan cord... I never knew how amusing those little kitties could be :) (sorry, I know - if I were a cat lover I'd be appalled!)

  2. Thanks for the good chuckle! I thought it was great and I am not even a cat lover! I liked the one that was afraid of his own reflection. Sometimes we are like that in our own lives, conjuring up worries that are not even real.

  3. This is like my cat on the "good" cat food. She goes WILD! I love it!

  4. Hi Funny Farmer. These videos are making your blog uber slow to open.

    So I found a funny post for you to read, since you love nudists and all.

    And last night turned out to be worse than I thought. My IL's were right behind my boys. They were al smiles and giggles this morning. UGH! And don't lecture me about locks. Who nees locks when nothing happens behind closed doors?

  5. YOU NEED LOCKS crash...point blank! lol!

    But I have a UBER fast connection so I got to watch the videos...neener neener neener!

    OKAY...SO FUNNY LISA...great videos! :)

  6. We almost got a cat last week (okay, I suggested we take home the stray from McDonald's and my husband reached for his gun. Not to shoot the cat, to shoot me), now I feel like we're missing out on all the funny. Is this what it's like on the Funny Farm? Lucky girl.

  7. Hey
    I moved you to the funny lady category on the MMB. Fyi.