Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Playing with your mother's camera can get you in trouble.

So I was looking for laundry room pics to satisfy your insatiable need to waste time here, when I came across some very funny shots of my oldest. Apparently these are self-portraits, taken with my borrowed camera.

Just in case you're wondering, no, I did not photoshop the eyes on this adorable girl. These are unedited photos of the real thing.

And yes, she gets comments on her unbelievably blue eyes everywhere she goes.

"I'm just ga-ga over this adorable guy in my guitar class!"

"Listerine gives me minty fresh breath!"

"How did I get the rotten luck of having Driver's Ed at 5:30 am?!"

"But at least my driving partner is a dreamboat! I hope he asks me out!"

"Cept that once the week was over, he never spoke to me again! I guess my mad driving skilz didn't impress him after all."

"But guess what! I got asked to prom by two different boys in the same week!"

"What?! Mom found those photos and posted them on her blog?!? "


  1. Hahaha! snort! heeheehee!


  2. that is awesome. i love the bubble thoughts to go along with the facial expressions. hopefully she appreciates the fun you are having and gets a little chuckle. next time she would be smart to delete them if not wanting them posted ;)

  3. That was great, especially the comments.

  4. A side of my grand daughter I did not know!

  5. Those are awesome, I love the running commentary. Totally worth the blog post, but what are you doing posting other things when you have us all hanging for the finished laundry room pictures.... impatiently waiting. :)

  6. BTW, I am also glad you are back to the blog! You have been missed.

  7. LOL! I love that girl. With my whole heart in fact. Plus those are pretty hot pictures of her also.

  8. Man, I love that girl of yours!!! She is adorable and I miss her hanging around our house. I am sure you love having her home more though. Darn it for us... :)