Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Covet: Part II

It would seem that a few of you were vexed by the first installment of the laundry room remodel series. Are we a little teensy tinsy bit impatient?

I could jump directly to the after pictures, of course, but that would cheat you out of experiencing the whole process with me. Along with the pain. Yeah, I'm cruel like that. Therefore, let us recommence the journey together.

My handsome, strapping man began the renovation by installing a stud wall on the west wall, behind where the washer and dryer would be.

And here is the finished stud wall, ready for drywall.

But before the walls go on, the ceiling boards must go up.

I rather enjoyed watching Tom install the ceiling drywall panels. Aren't those bulging muscles just scrumptious? Oh baby.

But I digress... Ahem.

Where was I? Oh yes.

One of the fringe benefits of doing home improvement projects is that the project usually requires the purchase of a new power tool. In this case, a Dremel rotary cutter.

Tom's pulse quickened just holding the thing in his hand. It glides through drywall like an overused cliché. Truly, it is a thing of beauty. In a masculine sort of way.

And here we have the glamorous assistant holding the drywall steady while it is measured and cut. Vanna White's job has never been more secure.

Once the walls and ceiling were up, the fun part began: Taping and mudding the joints and screw holes.
The whole family got involved for this step. Nathan and Megan were the ceiling specialists, while Karianne and Susan helped me with the walls. In a blink, the first coat was on.

Thank your lucky stars that I did not document the second and third coats of mudding interspersed with sanding. It created a horrible amount of drywall dust that infiltrated every room in the basement. My dear sweet husband did nearly all of this thankless task, bless his heart. Do not fret, though. He was well rewarded for his diligence.

Then, the walls and ceiling were textured, and they were ready for paint.

To Be Continued....


  1. i love the 'admiring your husband part' its so cute. ahhh sweet love of men doing construction. the grunts from the home improvement show ring in my ears. and i think you make a fabulous vanna.

  2. Come on, you know I am NOT a patient person. And I do not appreciate your trying to develop this quality in me. :p

  3. I've been trying to figue out what we are supossed to covet. The work, the new washer/dryer, the handsome and strong carpenter, or the beautiful and loving helper? I've never seen you in a cap Lisa.

  4. Are you kidding me??? We want to see the finished room!!! We can imagine the "in-the-process" photos -- although the muscles and assistant shots are worth it! What we want is to see the final, beautiful result!!! :)