Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mom update

My dad called Thursday to say that mom is feeling quite a bit better after having the pacemaker put in place. We are still planning to stop and see her this weekend when we travel through Idaho. I'm glad that this procedure has helped her. Let's hope it sticks this time.


  1. We will keep you and your mom in our prayers. Good to hear that she is feeling better. Have fun on your trip! It sounds wonderful!

  2. glad to hear things are going better with your mom. sorry to be out of the state at the time. we cant wait for you to return. have fun on vacat but i guess you will get this once you return so hope you had fun. thanks again for keeping my cats alive :) talk to you later.

  3. That is so good that your mom is feeling better! I am very happy for you. Also her too.