Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Are we having fun yet?

I can't keep up with it all. When life gets busy, internet and blogging (which are already at the bottom of the totem pole) get neglected. I refuse to feel guilty about it. But there is a bit going on... here and there.

1. My mother had a pacemaker put in today. She felt better for awhile after her stent surgery earlier this spring (she didn't have a bypass after all--long story), but has been going downhill for about a month. She was hospitalized last week with fluid in her lungs, and the doctors decided that her heart needs a little help. That's all I know.

2. We are going on a family vacation to Yellowstone next week. The plan is to leave Sunday and visit my mom briefly that afternoon if she's feeling good enough, spend the night in the Blackfoot area, and then travel on up Monday morning. If mom isn't up to visitors, we may just get up uber-early and drive all the way on Monday (how many hours -- 6? 7? Actually that sounds like a bad idea to me), or we may still go and see my dad and his radical ski-boat rebuilding project. We head back Thursday. I'll post some pics. Did I mention I got a new camera so they may actually be decent pics? One can only hope.

3. The computer is resurrected. The power supply purchased for $14.99 from TigerDirect arrived yesterday and Tom did Nathan the favor of installing it. So we are a four computer family once again. That's kind of embarrassing, really.

Okay, that's it.


  1. yeah I admit it is pretty pathetic how much time our family spends on the computer. I do it too. and also, mom, I think that 7 hours in the car isn't that bad after all the grave hunts we went on last year. ugh. as long as we don't turn it into a 10 hour trip by stopping every hour or so. and I am glad we don't have to go to seattle this year for our reunion. those people don't have their fair turn of driving all the way there and back. but I always do enjoy seeing everyone, whether it be there or here.

  2. Hey I figure we don't watch TV so it's not so bad as it could be. And we've been working too. I think it is bad to just veg out all the time on the computer, so a balance is better.

  3. yeah. that makes me feel a little better. it is true that we are anti tv people. the only tv we really ever watch is movies and football. only byu, mostly.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I wish I would have known and I could have brought dinner or .... something. :) I hope your trip is wonderful!!! We are missing your family already! Have fun and we can't wait to see fun blogs with interesting adventures when you get home. :)

  5. Jen, you are a sweetheart. It wasn't that big of a deal, really; my dad called at noon to tell me that it was going to happen and she had just been taken to the operating room. It's a pretty routine procedure these days. I forgot to tell Tom about it until late that evening.