Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pop-up harassment

So I'm looking into booting my daughter out of the house in the fall. Along with having control over her life, I figure she should have control over her cell phone bill (as in pay for it). You know? So I'm online looking at different options, and I browse on over the the Cricket Wireless website. I'm looking at the chart showing the various individual plan offerings, when the screen grays out and this little pop-up, well... pops up! Apparently I took too long to click on an option and they think I need help from their live chat person in India. I don't want to talk to someone from India at the moment and so I look for the little x that will close the pop-up. And guess what-- There isn't one. No apparent way to close the box. It just sits there, right in the middle of the website, following my every mouse move. I scroll up, it scrolls up. I click on an option, it follows me to the next page. There is no getting rid of this thing! The only options I seem to have is either to click on the "chat" button in the middle of the pop-up, or close the browser and escape the webpage.

So what do you think I did?

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- Cricket Wireless | Prepaid Cell Phone Plans, Unlimited Cellular Plans (view on Google Sidewiki)


  1. Ha! I'm FIRST!

    And your verifier says ranumstp. That's Indian for Nani nani boo boo.

    I hate annoying pop ups. But I hear Cricket has a great plan. My niece just jumped on board.

  2. You closed the browser, just like I would.

    What is this Crash, a contest????

  3. Of course it is a contest, everything is a contest, didn't you hear.

    Sounds very annoying.

  4. Actually Pat, it was only slightly annoying and kind of funny. I mean, whoever thought that was a good idea obviously didn't understand that if you annoy potential customers with pesky pop-ups, they aren't very likely to become customers.

    OBG, of course, was right. But only partially. I did NOT click on the "chat" button. But I didn't close the window either. Instead I clicked on the little pencil icon that mysteriously appeared on the left side of my browser screen, which brought up the sidewiki (whatever the heck that is) and I proceeded to vent to sidewiki. Then I noticd that posting to my blog was an option, and I figured that a lame post about a pop-up was better than no post at all.

    Eventually the thing gave up I guess, because it was gone by the time I got done writing this post.

    Fascinating trivia, I'm sure. Pathetic, really. But hey, it entertained me for a short time.