Monday, March 2, 2009

What's in a Name?

My son and I happened across this anagram generator today and had a lot of fun putting our family's names in. Give it a try and post your results in the comments!

What? You want to know what my name made?

Well, that depends on which names I put in.

First and married last name: On sane ills.

First name and maiden name: British able.

And finally, my favorite --

First, maiden, and married name: Brothels in lesbian.



  1. Awesome - Mine is
    Really! Raw Showiness!

    Without my maiden name -
    Shallower sin.

    Wow! Too many S's for anything but sin!!

  2. Innocent, earnest heresy... yikes! I suppose that's better than guilty lazy heresy... but still...

  3. Mine is The Whorish Aid. What exactly IS a whorish aid, I'd like to know?! I'm not kidding--I'd like to know!

  4. all three= brain thicker bold
    1st and second=Kind carol
    first and last=Brain brothel
    2nd and last=Thick-ribbed

    oldboayguy gave "Doubly Goat"

  5. any lane anarchy -FML
    hay a larceny -FL

    And the kicker, my new little baby girl's name: nicely a rare nausea. I *was* a lot less sick with her. Funny stuff.

  6. Wait! This just in, my husband is: Ya! A sane, sane jam.

    Hee hee.

  7. Famous people are fun too! I just plugged in William Jefferson Clinton and got:

    "Jilts nice women. In for fall"

  8. How appropriate for ol' Billy boy!!

    Doubly Goat is the best!!! I wish I had that one!

  9. Mine was valued ruin... what?!

    I love Heidi's

    whorish aid.. priceless.. almost as you lesbian..

  10. 2nd last = Cheers! Dire benefit
    1st last = Deem fame beer
    1st, 2nd, last = The fine, ace dismemberer

    My own combo I made up? The fine, drunken benefit of an ace dismemberer

    Fun...thanks for the distraction at work. My boss appreciates it.

  11. Meagrely shames in heyday. Which is so funny if you knew me.

    Or re-arrange it and you get. Shy, hymeneal, eager dismay.

    Re-arrange it again and get my FAVORITE!
    Hey! Hey! Maidenly massager.

    Yup that's me.

  12. Heidi - Whorish aid is that antibiotic they give you that only takes 4 days... it was original developed for ladies of questionable repute because they were unlikely to stick with the old 10 day routine... so next time your doctor prescribes that one, you can wonder what on earth he thinks of you...

  13. And how comw you know about that T??????

  14. And that reminds me, T, a remark my boss of the 1950's who said to me as I got a whiff of a bucket of carburator cleaner, "That smells like a Japanesse whore house." And so I asked him how he knew about that. His reply, "At the end of WW2, during the clean-up of Nagasaki, we had to bunk down in a Japaness whore house, for shelter."

    Some nice shelter. Hee Hee

    (OBG is Anonymous today. Password wouldn't work.)

  15. I just did it as Debra and it's now famed porn brat. ha ha ha

  16. The last one is BY FAR my favorite!!! LOL

  17. Ok I tried to post mine but it didn't post. What the what.

    Crash yours is pretty great, but mine is:

    Damnation, charmed pain.

    So what the heck does that mean?

    I think the universe may be telling me something.

  18. My full name Skinnier or bluntest,
    First maden skinniest loner, oh how I wish that was the truth.
    First, married It's true brink.

    What is the universe sying to me.

  19. No way!!! That is too funny!

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  21. My maiden name makes-
    "Nuns ran as hellhole"

    I may change my name to that.

  22. Pat said to come over and wish u a happy birthday.

    Happy Birthday!

    Hope it really is ur birthday :-)

  23. Hey Lisa! HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!! Welcome to my age group. I hope your day was filled with smiles and chocolate!

  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Who knows if you'll even check your dusty ole' blog.

    Oh wait . . . modern technology . . . you'll get an email. DUH, you taught me that.

    I hope you have a wonderful day and may all your wishes come true.

    I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I'm glad you've kicked your blogging bucket. (I guess).



  25. My husband is top-rank, sick, rich appeal and mine is jap finance! totally funny!

  26. Thanks for the birthday wishes. That was sweet, even though you pubically announced my age. So you're good and vocabulary AND math?

    Gee, it seems like just yesterday I was over here wishing you a happy birthday.

    Oh, lookie, there I am, right above jap finance.

    So when are you going to be more omnipresent. (That mans ubiquitous, btw). Didn't want you to have to look it up.

  27. ok.
    that is Funny!!!!!

  28. I typed in Erika Name Amonett and received "I'm a token man-eater." I think that's fitting, won't you agree?

    BTW, I am adding you to my blog reading list. You feel special now, don't you?

  29. Too funny! I'm afraid to try it. there's no way it can get better than that.