Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today marks the second anniversary of the day that my beautiful siamese, Baby, joined our family.

I'll never forget that day. Megan, Nathan and I were driving home from the doctor's office where Megan had just had her cast taken off her arm. While driving along a rural back road on my favorite "shortcut", I noticed a little furry buff colored something on the shoulder of the narrow road. My first thought was a large rodent--a rat or something... but as we passed it I realized it was a kitten! I pulled off the road and jogged back to pick up the little fuzzball.

Now tell me please, how was I supposed to just leave something that cute out in the cold? If that doesn't just break your heart, well, you've got something wrong with you. Or you're a man.

We made a bed for her in a cardboard box lined with an old baby blanket, and put it in the bathtub so she wouldn't escape during the night.

Because we already had two grown cats and certainly didn't need another, my original intent was to keep her over the weekend, and take her to the animal shelter on Monday morning. That idea fade quickly. Somehow I didn't have time to take her on Monday. On Tuesday, I informed my reluctant husband that all I wanted for Christmas was to keep that kitten. Having her in the house brought my heart a bit of joy that had been sorely lacking since Megan's serious arm injury and surgery in early November. How could he say no to that?

"They said there is supposed to be a mouse here somewhere...."

Don't be fooled by the perfect beauty and angelic expression...

because she'll turn on you without warning.

Above is actually one of my most favorite pictures, because it is so Her. As beautiful as she is, she's an ornery little cuss, and for some strange reason, I find that endearing. Could it be because deep down inside I'm an ornery cuss too? Naaaah.

Our two older cats had opposite responses to the kitten's arrival. Bob shunned her and began marking his territory in a most unacceptable way, which earned him exile from the house for the remainder of the winter. Sox adopted her as his baby sister, and they spent many hours ranging throughout the house, chasing madly one minute and curled up together the next.

I don't like fur on my bathrobe anymore than the next guy, but how can you be mad at something that cute?

She discovered a universal truth this day in the neighbor's tree: going up is easier than getting down.

Just try to install landscaping fabric when a cat is determined to be inside and under it.

If there be anything small, paper, and of hollow nature, she seeks after these things.

Just don't interrupt her nap.

"I'll teach you to stick your finger in my face, lady!"

She loves me...

She loves me not. (notice the claws holding my hand in the proper position for alternately licking and biting. This cat has indecision issues.

In honor of Baby's birthday (circa November 1), observed on her adoption day, Susan made a kitty cake. Nice job, Susan!

Baby was a little freaked out by the candle in her birthday tuna... and had to be (ahem) persuaded to pose for the camera.

Once the ridiculous flaming thing was removed, she sampled her birthday present. Susan's superb craftsmanship on the cake was lost on the cat, however. Maybe next year we can flavor the frosting with catnip. On second thought, let's not.

I love this contrary little cat unreasonably much. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it's the undeniable beauty of sapphire eyes shining out of the perfect symmetry of her dark face. Maybe it was our mutual dependence on each other that first winter; she needed food and shelter, and I needed something to get me through those oh-so-cold winter days. We rescued one another, in a way, I guess.

She seems to be mellowing a bit as she gets older, and will actually come and solicit an ear scratching now and then while purring like mad--for about 15 seconds. Then she darts off again, reasserting her independence and pretending that it never happened. But I'm not fooled; there's a strengthening bond between us, somehow. And it brings me joy every day.


  1. OK now you are weakening my resolve to remain catless. Gee whiz give a girl a break. Serously though, I am glad that you were blessed with what you needed to help you through that long cold winter. I know that animals are part of Heavenly Father's plan. That is a great thing about cats, their ability to love. Thanks for sharing this fun catumentary. :)

  2. That cat... I'm not even going to say anything. I do like any event where we get cake though. And the cake was VERY well done Sue. Maybe you should make a career of it.

  3. What cute pictures! It was fun to watch her progress as she grew. I didn't have much luck becoming her friend when I visited, but maybe the next time I will be sucessful. I echo Pat's comment about finding help when we have tough times. Unfortunately, I am among the alergic on this one. Thanks for sharing your Baby!

  4. you two are an awesome pair and i think you understand each other. happy birthday baby!

  5. Baby is a brat but she is adorable. Maybe that makes up for it. She is, like, bipolar! One second you can be petting her and the next she is clawing and biting and kicking at your hand like it was the devil or something! I have many many scars on my hands and many many of them are from that adorable fuzz ball.

  6. The last time I was there she walked up and smelled my fingers, then walked off. But like Lisa, I love my cat. Our cat.

  7. YAY FOR KITTIES! I have a kitty kind of like that with the biting and petting thing. And another kitty that hold onto my hand to make sure it's in the proper position to give him his requisite pets. And another kitty that likes to be in small spaces. Um...I better quit before it gets out that I'm a cat person.....