Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloweenie

Nathan informed me this morning at 7:15 that he was a nerd. "Whatever you say," I said, preoccupied with trying to get kids off to school. "No, mom. I'm going to be a nerd for halloween." Ooohhhhhh. I get it. So we tucked his pantleg into a sock, buttoned his shirt up all the way and left a tail hanging out, and found him some glasses and a notepad for his shirt pocket. Susan helped him fix his hair so it was sticking up in the back... and whallah! Nerdville.

After many weeks of daily indecision, Megan decided on an angel. (Witch was runner up.) With borrowed wings and a pipe cleaner halo, she was the cutest little angel this house has seen in many a year.

Oh, and notice that her face is working again. It's a good thing. Otherwise she would have had to be a mutant swamp monster or something.

My favorite thing about these costumes is that they were FREE! Improvised from stuff we had around the house and a little creativity (not much needed, thank goodness, cuz I don't have much).

Viva la Halloween!


  1. Nathan makes a great nerd! Did he run into doors and drop books all day? :D

    Megan's expression is truly angelic. Too sweet!

  2. Yep, those are my grand kids. makes one proud!

  3. thanks for letting me borrow them for halloween. it was fun having them trick or treat with us.

  4. Karianne will be the only one who gets this... sorry. But hey, you know who else always tucks their shirt in cept just not the back? A certain tennis playing friend of ours? Ha ha. Thats pretty funny.

  5. Too bad you couldn't knock on my door! Since Brandon and Laura were the only trick-or-treaters I had we could have used you! Now Grandpa and I have to eat the rest of the snickers (ummm!) The kids are very clever and cute to boot!