Products and Services

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Fruit Services

Fruit Consultation:

If you want to grow your own fruit trees but don't know what kind to plant, I can help you.  Find out what fruit varieties do best here in our climate, and where to get them.
Price: no charge.

Plant Purchasing: Selection, purchasing, and delivery of your fruit trees/plants.
Price: Cost + $20/hour.


•On site consultation and recommendation on planting location, soil preparation, and technique.
Price: no charge.

•Planting tree and initial pruning and staking if necessary.
Price:  $15

Training:  New trees need to be pruned into the proper form for maximum strength and fruit production.  Protect your investment by getting your tree properly trained from the beginning. 

•Training/shaping 1-4 year old trees.  Includes one stake per tree if needed.
Price:  $5 - $15, depending on size.

•Additional Stakes.  
Price: $2.50 per stake.

Pruning:  Pruning producing trees encourages growth of fruiting wood, keeps the tree healthy and maximizes sunlight and airflow for optimal fruit production.

Price: $15 - $45, depending on size and degree of pruning required.

*Is it really necessary to prune fruit trees?*

Other Services

Ornamental PruningAll ornamental shrubs including rosebushes, small ornamental trees.
Price: Variable, depending on size.  Contact for estimate.
  Compost Delivery:  Up to one cubic yard of compost.
Price: $22 compost + $20 delivery/unloading charge.  (A 60% savings over purchasing an equivalent amount of bagged compost from Home Depot)

Flowerbed/Garden Design:  Edible Landscaping, Xeriscaping, Vegetable Garden Design, Flowerbed Design.
Price: Variable, contact for estimate.

Soil Preparation & Planting Services:

•Tilling Service (large rear-tine tiller) 
Price: $10 service charge + $20 per hour labor.

•Planting Service
Price: $20 per hour labor.


All seedlings are grown in pressed soil blocks that improve seedling growth and minimize transplant shock.  There is no plastic container, therefore the plants do not become "rootbound".  See this post for more information and pictures.

Warm Season Vegetables including Tomatoes (Roma, Celebrity, Sweet 100), Peppers (Jalapeno, Anaheim, Sweet Bell, Sweet Banana), Cucumbers, Canteloupe. 

Price: 50 cents to $1.00 per plant

Annual and Perennial Flower Seedlings - varieties will be listed soon!